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Did you know you can manage most aspects of your business from anywhere. When you use the power of working ‘in the cloud’, you can also build an exceptional team — exceptional because of their skills and dedication — rather than being limited by their proximity to your head office.

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Content is king marketing for tradespeopleContent is king

We know that people who need your products and services will find you via “Content Marketing”. For years we’ve helped our clients stand out from the crowd by populating their websites with relevant, targeted and high quality content, provided on a consistent basis.

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Digital, SEO, Google, Facebook Social media marketing strategy and trainingComing up with a strategy

Working to a digital strategy simply means you’ll harness the power of technology to leverage referrals, keep in contact with customers, provide exceptional ongoing support and get more sales. Because so much of this becomes automated, it frees you up to do the work you do best.

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Mobile apps for open homes and real estate agents

Real estate agents are embracing digital services Real estate agents in Australia are going through a rapidly changing environment for Internet and mobile technology that we have experienced first hand with our websites for real estate agents service and I recently...

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Responsive Mobile Websites Is What Google Search Will Show

They didn't call it Mobilegeddon for nothing It's been almost 12 months since Google made it official that they were going to prioritise mobile websites built on a responsive methodology for their Google Search results and you can see it in the results themselves -...

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Content Marketing Differs from SEO

Content and Search Engineering! It’s important to understand that knowing about online content marketing is vastly different to possessing a knowledge of SEO (or search engine optimisation) and we say this because many people seem to think these two skills sets are...

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Specific is terrific for your website and online marketing

Niche Marketers are Rewarded by Google Many website owners believe that they can create content and plonk it anywhere on their website and they'll be inundated with emails and calls. They are missing the fundamental fact that people who are browsing the Internet have...

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How Google Analytics Will Help Generate More Revenue

Split Testing and Personalised Email Marketing I recently wrote about using web analytics to determine your website’s conversion rate, which can be used to generate sales leads but for those still unconvinced on the usefulness of analytics, I thought we’d break it...

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Google Analytics needs time and attention

Attention is What You Want From Readers If you’re an average reader, I’ve got your attention for about 15 seconds, so here goes: many things we’ve been taught about the web are wrong. One of the biggest mistakes – thinking that clicking is the same as reading. Not...

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