Explaining and Narrating the Online Induction Course

Audio recordings immerse the student in the training material and help guide them

online-inductions-training-courses-audioPowerPoint presentations are usually delivered by a presenter who talks along with the slides to create a better learning experience. This presenter can give extra examples or embellish the information but we find the main goal of the presenter is to presents the information in an audio format that some students can better comprehend – it depends on the students learning style.

To get the induction course content online someone will need to record the audio that goes with that presentation (which is something we can do) for you. In this process the presenter can also use the house to highlight selected points or areas of the slide they are talking about.

Once this is done, a test will have to be created in order to ensure that your students have learnt what you actually want them to learn. This will be done through a Knowledge Review Test.

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