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Did you know Google can love your business without spending any money on advertising? It’s all about the words you use and the message you construct.

Spending too much on online advertising?

Adwords, social media, Facebook ads — is this all costing you money but you aren’t seeing the return? Are you kind of flying blind with how to accurately measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing?

Digital Marketing and Social Media Online Training Courses

Learn how to promote and market your business online, using cost-effective tools that work — you just need to know how to use them.

Content is king marketing for tradespeopleContent is King

For years we’ve helped our clients stand out from the crowd by populating their websites with relevant, targeted and high-quality content, provided on a consistent basis. It sure beats paying out money on a “scattergun” advertising approach like so many of your competitors probably are.

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automate your customer service online digital agencyYour Dedicated Digital Agency

Did you know you can manage most aspects of your business from anywhere? When you use the power of working ‘in the cloud’, you can also build an exceptional team — exceptional because of their skills and dedication — rather than being limited by their proximity to your head office.

As a digital agency, we can help you do just this.


Digital, SEO, Google, Facebook Social media marketing strategy and trainingAutomate, Strategise and Get Back to Work!

Working to a digital strategy means you’re harnessing the power of technology. You can automate things like leveraging referrals, keeping in contact with customers and prospects, and providing exceptional, responsive ongoing support.

This frees you up to do the work you do best.

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Educating Customers as a Marketing Strategy?

Painting is an important task that immediately improves the value of a property. If you know what you’re doing, it’s not a particularly difficult task. If you don’t have any experience, or you don’t have the time, you’ll probably head down to your local Bunnings for...

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Why Offer a Free Measure and Quote?

How to win business on the spot! THERE ARE REWARDS AS WELL AS RISKS to providing people with a quote for work, but one of the bigger risks is offering a free measure and quote, only to have the quote knocked back in favour of a competitor's cheaper one. This said,...

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Why It’s Vital Not to Over-Quote

The risks of quoting too high THERE ARE PROS AND CONS to charging a day rate. But part of charging the right day rate involves quoting jobs correctly. Part of charging the right day rate involves quoting jobs correctly. And what are the requirements for quoting a job...

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The Pros and Cons of Charging a Day Rate

When charging a daily rate pays CHARGING A DAY RATE FOR YOUR WORK, instead of an hourly rate, can be a good way of making sure you get paid a certain amount for each job. This can help you set a budget and ensure you’re bringing in a certain amount of money each week....

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Your Marketing Strategy in Xero

How you know what's working and what's not MARKETING AND ACCOUNTING ARE CLOSELY linked if you look at accounting as dealing with the money that’s going in and out of your business, usually as a consequence of your marketing activities. Recording your marketing...

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How Bunnings Could Help You Get More Work

Ways to get regular installation work BUNNINGS HAS, FOR A LOT OF HOMEOWNERS, become the default place to get their home renovated — and not just the DIY renovators, either. Bunnings, very wisely, realised that a lot of the people who came to look at their kitchens and...

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Helping Tradepeople Turn Quotes into Customers

Online marketplaces bridging the gap for tradies THE AREA A LOT OF TRADESWOMEN and tradesmen struggle with is turning prospects into customers; in particular getting their quotes and estimates approved so they can commence work. But online marketplaces like hipages,...

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Get Your Quotes Approved Quicker Online

How to quote ON THE JOB FOR TRADESPEOPLE, SOURCING NEW WORK and ensuring you're getting paid on time, are integral parts of running your own business. As a tradie, the time between quoting for a job and it being accepted by a client can often run into weeks — or...

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