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Create Special Offers & Write About Them

Want to know how Google will find your business — without spending money on advertising? It’s about the words you use and the message you construct to convert your visitors into customers and that’s called Content Marketing.

Adwords, social media, Facebook ads — spending the money but not seeing the return? Do you feel you’re kind of ‘flying blind’ with how to truly measure the effectiveness of what you’re doing?

Learn by Doing


Learn how to promote and market your business online, using cost-effective tools that work — you just need to know how to use them.

We offer premium short online training courses in

  • Office Administration using Microsoft Office,
  • Customer Service and Sales Training, and
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping using MYOB & Xero.

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Create Great Special Offers

Selling Academy Logo - Learn about online sales and how to become an online sales agent working remotely from home - 123 Group Pty LtdFor years we’ve been helping business people stand out from their competitors, generate sales and build loyalty with their customers.

Learn how to create marketing collateral with relevant, targeted and high quality content, on a consistent basis. It sure beats paying out money on a “scattergun” advertising approach like many of your competitors probably are.

Learn about Content Marketing (and why you might not need to advertise)


Remote Workers are Everywhere

automate your customer service online digital agencyDid you know you can manage most aspects of your business from anywhere?

When you use the power of working ‘in the cloud’, you can also build an exceptional team — exceptional because of their skills and dedication — rather than being limited by their proximity to your head office.


Automate your Customer Service and Sales and Get Back to Work!

Digital Marketing consultant and online marketing strategyOnline customer service and sales training strategies enable you to harness the power of technology.

Learn how to automate your customer service, lead generation and keeping in contact with customers and prospects, while also providing exceptional, responsive ongoing support.

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Digital Marketing Training Course Presentation!

Digital Marketing FREE training course seminar at NewcastleDigital Marketing involves a number of steps which need to be performed well in order to be successful.

It’s not hard and you can learn about how EzyLearn CEO, Steve used smart digital marketing to get onto and stay on page 1 for Google organic search results.

Learn how to do it yourself or get our help to become successful online with your own business.

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