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Andy is happy with Hubdoc, but the Hubdoc app not so much

We’re lucky to be working with some great small business owners and I was speaking with a pool shop owner the other day who uses Xero accounting software and the Hubdoc receipt capture app.

One made him happy, the other frustrated, and here’s why.

Hubdoc is a Canadian company that competes with AutoEntry and ReceiptBank (now called Dext) in the Receipt Capture, storage and coding market.

Receipt Capture Software

The software aims to solve an incredibly time consuming bookkeeping task that causes headaches for business owners and accountants. Best of all the person who pays for the goods can capture it on the spot and the bookkeeper can work remotely on the accounting file.

The biggest headaches are caused by:

  • Not having a copy of a receipt at the end of month bank reconciliation.
  • Not coding that expense correctly because you don’t have the receipt
  • Keeping a record of the receipt knowing that they all now seem to fade over time because they are printed by thermal printers.
  • Getting the receipt or transaction details into your accounting software.

We’ve noticed that lots of tradies for example don’t like using a computer but they all have and use their mobile phones and every mobile phone has a camera that can very easily capture the entire receipt.

No software is perfect

Software companies try hard to get a usable software program to market but they sometimes start simple or crash and have bugs and this why they are constantly being updated – much like our training courses. Although our courses are usually updated because the software is changing all the time.

DevOps-Continuous-agile-software-development-services-Digitar - Continuous Improvement Continuous Development the Career Academy

This process is called Continuous Improvement Continuous Development and it involves constant updates!

Our training focus is around creating learning journeys where students get to perform tasks that happen every day in most small businesses.

Workface-the-Career-Academy-Course-Extension-Addon-12-month-continuous-access-Xero-Training-Courses-LogosIf you are nearing the end of your 12 months course access you can join the Career Academy Continuous Access plan for a low membership fee.

Andy from Swimart loves Hubdoc but frustrated with the app - online Xero & MYOB Training Courses with Workface the Career Academy 2
Although Andy loves Hubdoc and knows how valuable it is for his business he it very frustrated when he tries to upload more than one photo to the Hubdoc app in each session because it crashes and he has to start all over again.

Receipt Scanning Micro Course & Credential

We’ve just completed our Receipt Scanning training course (including training manual and video tutorials) and it will shortly be available on the training site.

Any student enrolled into a MYOB & Xero training course package which includes Industry Connect will be eligible to receive access to this course for no extra cost within their course access period.


By Steve Slisar

We've used educational marketing to help students learn digital skills and how to use accounting, office administration, digital marketing, customer service and online sales skills. These skills help people find work, run better businesses and do a better job for their customers.