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Online Customer Service Training Course

Online Customer Service Training – All You Need To Know

The Online Customer Service Training Course is a training package filled with easy to understand information, real life case studies, and practical tasks designed to get you up to speed on all aspects of online customer service.Once you finish this course, you will have all you need to get your business up and running, including a hands-on understanding of marketing and income boosting strategies.

One of the best parts is that you will have mentor support for a full six months. You can also work at your own pace, and save the training materials to refer back to whenever you need to.

What You Will Learn

The course is divided into 12 distinct sections that cover the what, why, when and how of every aspect of your online customer service tool kit, from knowing your products or services, to boosting engagement, and the marketing pipeline.

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Product or service knowledge

Be an expert! The importance of being completely across not only your products or services, but also their unique benefits, and how and where they feature on your website can’t be underestimated.

As well as this, a deep knowledge of your target market is crucial, so that you can define and communicate your products or services effectively, and with precision.

Bundles and packages

In this section you will learn all about bundles and packages, and who in your target audience to discus them with. Is there a particular segment of your market that would benefit from a bundle of particular services or products?

Find out who this might be, learn what packages to combine, and how to target your offering to the customers most likely to add it to their shopping cart.

As an Online Customer Service agent your role is to ask the right questions to identify the ideal client and then make a recommendation based on their goals.

Special offers and promotions

Offers and promotions are commonly used tools in small business.

While they can be extremely effective, in many cases they fail to achieve their purpose. This is often because business owners haven’t taken the time to identify and understand their own goals, which is crucial to developing the right offers and promotions.

In this part of the course, you will learn about the full range of potential offers and promotions. After defining exactly what it is you want to achieve, (whether that is to spotlight a new product, increase customer spending overall, or bulk up your email list), you will be able to choose the promotions that best fit your goals, and implement them successfully.

This also helps you create better Google Ads and marketing campaigns.

Lead generation

Collecting your customer’s details is one of the most important steps in the sales and marketing funnel.

In this part of the course, you will learn how the lead generation system works, along with all the ways in which you can optimise your website to capture visitor information, from your contact page, to the full range of enquiry forms.

These forms, including lead generation forms, inline lead forms, and qualifying leads, can be used strategically on your website so that you not only obtain important prospect information, but you can also develop an understanding of the most effective pages on your website.

One of the main reasons that a list of prospects is important is that only about 3% of the people who enquire are ready to buy right then and there. If the person has never heard of you before you’ll need to build your brand and profile by making regular contact and following up with them.

Speaking with customers

Learn how to prepare for engaging with customers, and how to speak with them by developing a strong understanding of what they are after.

This can be achieved to a certain degree with lead generation forms and other means. However, as you establish yourself and perfect your sales skills, you will also learn that much of the time you will often be fielding similar questions from your prospects.

This Online Customer Service course will give you the skills you need to establish trust so that your client feels comfortable to share their information, and also to accept advice. It will also show you how to be proactive, taking control of the interaction, and leading the conversation with a clear idea of what you want to obtain from the prospect (but also based on their needs).

In the process of dealing with customers, you will also be able to identify the most commonly asked questions, and then to develop an FAQ page for your website, (which is also a handy technique for increasing website engagement).

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Maximise website engagement

Engagement is the moment that a person at your website becomes a real person and not just an anonymous visitor – so it is VERY important.

There are many ways in which you can increase engagement on your website by potential customers. In this segment of the course you will discover methods for boosting engagement while on phone and website chats with prospects.

You will also learn how to communicate direction clearly and concisely so that they understand exactly how to navigate where they need to go.

The sales and marketing pipeline

In this part of the course you will learn the process for converting leads into paying customers. Your goal is to “qualify” as many prospects as possible, right from the point of initial interest.

Integral to managing this process successfully is obtaining permission to send your prospects information. You will learn how to get prospects to “opt in” to an email list, and you will be given all the tools, as well as an understanding of all the key platforms to facilitate this process.

You will also learn different techniques for encouraging prospects to opt in, including targeted rewards.


Marketing covers a lot of ground from pricing and creating product ranges, to consistent messaging and communication aimed at converting prospects into paying customers, right through to managing post-sale issues.

In this part of the course you will learn what sort of messages you need to send to prospects and customers, and how to send them in order to inform them of key information, encourage them buy, and to build ongoing trust.

Selling strategies

Learn the “science of selling” without relying on outdated and off-putting “hard sell” techniques. In this part of the course we will help you to really understand your prospects, and in turn how to link them with the product or service that they are most likely to want.

You will also develop an idea of who your ideal customers are, how to locate and target those customers, how to identify and communicate the key benefits of your product or service to them, and the sales process as a whole, including the all-important art of closing sales.

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