Staff and Contractor Online Induction Enrolment

Having an online induction course is the first step and once you have it you’ll be very keen to roll it out and have students go through it and see the results. The next step to think about is how you want students to be enrolled and there’s more to think about than just turning it on.

Authenticated User vs Anonymous Student

A common way for some companies who offer online induction for contractors in particular is to give them a username and password and have them complete the online induction – at the end of which they get to type in their name and print out the evidence. The problem with this method – the anonymous student – is that you have no idea that it wasn’t the persons mate, girlfriend or any other number of people who did the induction. We recommend the authenticated user approach because you have to use your email address to get started.

Authenticated User Approach to Online Induction Enrolment

This enrolment approach involves a student signing up for a student account and uses their email address to either send the password or an authenticated link to enable to the student to progress. This is the best way of knowing who the person is.

User Pay Approach

To some companies this might sound like a very unusual approach and in our experience it is only so because they haven’t experienced one of their contractors paying to be inducted. In the construction and building trade it is very common for all contractors to pay a small fee for each of their employees to be inducted onto a site.

The User Pay Approach enables you to recoup your original cost of producing your training materials and managing the online delivery and assessment of it.

Management of your Online Induction Courses

Just because you have an online induction course with automatic enrolment doesn’t mean you have no more issues. The fact that you can have literal strangers enrolling into and using your online induction system means that things can go wrong or get out of hand.  We’ve experienced in our own delivery of training materials online that where there is a community of people spammer will want to be able to “share” their message and they’ll often explore learning sites to see if they can do some sharing there.

So, you may need to have spamming accounts removed on a regular basis or look at any number of alternatives to ensure that your system is clean. One of those options is the User Pay approach mentioned above, but another is to offer contractors a voucher number for your induction course. This means that only contractors who have your unique enrolment voucher codes can access the course.

Use Unique Enrolment Voucher Codes for Enrolment

Some of our clients like the controlled environment of offering enrolment vouchers. This means that they have specific enrolment codes that they can hand out and keep track of for every person they hand one out to. In this scenario a set of enrolment vouchers is purchased and when a new contractor or staff member needs to do the online induction they are given the enrolment voucher which provides them with all the information they need to enrol into and start doing their online induction course.

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