Website Hosting

Website hosting is the digital equivalent to an office or work space in that it is the hard drive space that you rent to store you website and email services. The concept of hosting can be very tricky but it’s essentially just the following components:

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Get website hosting (we recommend Rose Hosting and explain why in more detail below)
  3. Install WordPress on your website hosting
  4. Change your Domain name DNS settings (mainly just your name servers) to the location address give to you by the hosting company.
  5. Setup your WordPress website with logos and Minimum Viable Website pages
  6. Promote it to the world

We’ve used several different website hosting services including SiteGround, BulletProof and a number of different service providers and we recommend Rose Hosting for the following reasons:

  • Their prices are competitive
  • They can help you scale from tiny to having your own dedicated servers
  • Their customer service is amazing

Visit their website