Portable Phone Numbers

Portable-Phone-numbersYour phone numbers can now come with you even if you move your office. Infact you could move state and bring your old number with you now – you could be based in Brisbane and have an 02 or 03 number! Some businesses do this just to show that they can handle local business even if they are located interstate.

VoIP Phone Numbers configured into a VoIP small business telephone system can move with your phone system and are no longer dependent on the actual copper cable that comes into your office.

The major benefits of portable phone numbers are:

  • You don’t need to change numbers if you move
  • You don’t need to reconfigure your phone system if you move office
  • Because they are on a VoIP platform you pay low VoIP rates

Virtual Assistants can benefit from Portable Phone Numbers

If you are a smart business you are probably using virtual assistants for some aspects of your business. It could be to manage your accounts or your pre-sales or appointment setting, either way you can now provide them with a telephone number that you own and control rather than using Skype or other virtual phone service.

When you own the phone number you can enable virtual assistants to use it when you use something like our cheap small business phone system and you can also log into the VoIP service admin to confirm the calls they have made and received.