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Lines, extensions and subscriptions

The term ‘line’ is usually associated with a copper wire coming into your office. This line normally comes with the functionality to allow you to make voice calls and each one comes with its own “telephone number”. With a VoIP Telephone system PBX the meaning is different.

Because you are using your Broadband Internet access to “transport” your calls, the term line (also known as a channel, extension or Subscription) is now used to describe the ability to “handle” more than one concurrent conversation (at the same time). It also includes features like the ability to:

  • Put a call on hold
  • Transfer calls
  • Have music on hold and transfer
  • Allow for Direct indial to each extension (saves having to route the call through reception)
  • Separate voicemail for each extension
  • Voicemail to email

Every subscription comes with a Direct Indial Number (called a DID). You can choose whether to make these numbers known to your customers (have them call you directly, bypassing Reception), or have every call go through reception before they get to you.

A great feature of VoIP business grade Telephone systems is that each Subscription with voicemail can have the voicemail messages emailed to the user of that extension.The fee per extension is $14.95 (inc GST)

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By Steve Slisar

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