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Online Digital Marketing

“Content Marketing” = getting noticed by Google

content marketing google real estate agentTHE TEXT WRITTEN ON A website is a major factor in how well it ranks at Google’s search engine. Other factors include the page title (that you can see in the title bar), headings within your page and meta tags that sit behind each page and that most people don’t see. Combine that with categories an tags in WordPress websites and you have a wonderful combination of words to bring a business to page one of the Google search results. Sound hard?

We sum up many of the above aspects in the term “Content Marketing” and content marketing is one of the best ways of getting known by Google. It all starts by having a blog that is updated regularly with relevant content that people (who are looking for your services) actually want to read.

When you have a regular blog which contains relevant information for your prospective customers, and you then link those blogs to relevant landing pages at your website, you have an even better reputation-building machine.

People who are ready to buy soon see that you are an “expert in the field”. This gives them confidence to buy from you. Furthermore, when they get to your landing page they’ll be informed about how you provide your service, how much you charge (unless you quote on the job) and how to contact you. All you need then is a way to accept orders and possibly payments at your website.

Ecommerce is the capability of accepting orders and payments at a website and is usually the final step of the sales process, what follows is the service delivery and customer service aspects of a business and they too can be supported by online web-based services.

How can you begin all of this?

Content Marketing starts with a Content Marketing Strategy.