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Content Marketing Editor

The finishing touches

Many people can write. They can write proposals, quotes, resumes and any number of things but it is always a good idea to have your content proof read and modified as needed and this task is performed by a content marketing editor who works with you to ensure every piece of content is of strategy value.

How much content do you want

Content is not only about words and image, landing pages and statistics. Creating content is about demonstrating that your business is alive, that something is going on all the time. You do it for your potential customer, existing customers and Google and other search engines so it is important to have a schedule and release your content in a controlled and strategic way.

Content can also social

If you have a social presence at Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter or other, you can use your newly published content as a talking piece for your community. Community management is another whole conversation, but let’s just say that it can all be part of a total strategy.

Choose a package for your circumstances

We have created a suite of content marketing packages to cater for all sizes of business. Take a look at them and speak with your consultant about the available options.

Content Marketing Packages