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Writing good copy is a skill

Everyone thinks they can write. Writing some words on a page isn’t hard; writing text that engages and persuades an audience, however, is a craft and something that comes with years of practice actually writing. Like anything, the more you write, the better you write. Writing good business copy that converts readers into customers is, in fact, one of the key ingredients of a successful website and yet people pour tonnes of money into Google adwords and other advertising before even fine tuning their message.

We have writing and editing professionals who can complete all kind of content tasks for you and ensure what you write is aligned with your key vision, strategy and tone. And it’s surprisingly cheap.

How much content do you want?

Writing, images and overall content is not only about the singular elements of words and images, or landing pages, and analytics and statistics. Creating content is about demonstrating that your business is alive and dynamic and most, importantly, it provides the outside world with the sense of who you are. Generating new content is for new customers, existing customers and, of course, to be found by Google and other search engines. Therefore it’s important to release your content to a schedule and in a controlled, consistent and strategic way.

Choose the package for your circumstances

We have created a suite of content marketing packages to cater for all sizes of business. Take a look at them and speak with your consultant about the available options. We can also customise a package for you. And even better, you can try before you buy.

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