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Online Digital Marketing Tasks

Content Marketing Tasks

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Keeping the conversation flowing between you and your clients

There are steps we take to create quality content for your website: content that Google will love. These steps include:

  1. Identify the best keywords and phrases for your business and industry and the resultant landing pages
  2. Create authentic stories about people (customers, suppliers) who use your products or services
  3. Interview someone from your team or customer/supplier
  4. Write the first draft
  5. Measure the content for Search Engine Optimisation scores and modify as needed
  6. Insert links to landing pages and other blog posts
  7. Write meta titles and descriptions to better appeal in organic (free) search results
  8. Choose relevant image/pictures
  9. Schedule a publish date or publish immediately
  10. Test and measure your traffic and rankings.

This work will be done by a professional business writer

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Your content marketing strategy

There are a lot of small tasks that are set up according to a strategy and fine-tuned during your content marketing campaign. When you begin with a content marketing strategy you have a blueprint, a plan, which you can follow and it ensures your marketing can be managed by all participants.

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Getting Permission

You can’t continue to send online messages to people who don’t want them – it’s called SPAM and you can be warned against doing so by the Australian Government.There are two very important aspects of modern online marketing and they are opting in and opting out. Everyone who receives your information must confirm they want it and when you send it (and keep sending it) they must be able to opt out of receiving future messages. This is the foundation of permission-based marketing.

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