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Online Digital Marketing Packages

Content Marketing Packages

Content Marketing Teaser

If you just want to get started and understand our systemised approach to get prospects to your website or you are a small business with a small marketing budget this package is for you.

1 blog post per month

$1200 (inc GST)

(prepaid for 6 months, but created each month and monthly analysis)

Content Marketing Medium

Once you’ve decided that content marketing is a strategy you should back seriously you’ll want to create a good amount of quality content and have it distributed as far as possible and this package will provide you with an inventory of optimised content that you can analyse for it’s effectiveness.

1 blog post per week

$897 per month

Content Marketing Power

When you discover that the quality content we create for you brings in targeted traffic for people who are looking for the products and services you require you’ll want to do as much as you can. When you choose this package you’ll get up to speed quickly and be able to measure the results faster.

3 blog posts per week

$1997 per month