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Take your phone number with you

The olden days when you would lose your telephone number if you moved to a different area outside of your local telephone exchange is long gone. Many businesses used to get a 1300 or 1800 number so that they could keep their telephone number the same no matter where the business was located.

You can now keep your telephone number with you no matter where you go, even overseas!

The telephone numbers that are allocated to you by virion are normally configured into your telephone handset so wherever your handset goes, so does your number. Combine that with voicemail-to-email and you have a totally modular telephone system solution that will grow as your business grows.

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By Steve Slisar

We've used educational marketing to help students learn digital skills and how to use accounting, office administration, digital marketing, customer service and online sales skills. These skills help people find work, run better businesses and do a better job for their customers.