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Voicemail to email

You are probably familiar with voicemail (also known to Telstra customers as Messagebank) that enables your callers to leave a message for you. With mobile phone services a common scenario involves you calling a special voicemail number and retrieving those messages.

Some virion business grade VoIP services automatically come with voicemail-to-email and the feature is included in the subscription price for your VoIP telephone numbers, all you have to do is tell us to turn it on and you’re away. Some low priced plans have this feature as an add-on for a small extra charge on your monthly statement.

virion’s voicemail-to-email service sends each message to you via email as an audio file attachment. Using an audio player (like iTunes or Windows Media Player) on your computer and some speakers you can hear the actual message no matter where you are in the world. If you need help recording your greeting or working with your voicemail-to-email service contact your virion representative.

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By Steve Slisar

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