Our world evolves because we want to be better. The Internet and new technology is providing business with access to new features and flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere.

Our network includes content creators, technical and soft skill educators, editors and writers and online customer service agents.

Our services are centred around providing online educational courses and resources and helping businesses use education marketing to build trust with potential customers.

We also help business owners and managers use technology to ensure that their staff are productive and efficient when performing their duties.

Some of our online education brands include:

Computer Training Online Course Catalogue

The-Career-Academy-Jobseeker-training-program-FREE-with-MYOB-and-Xero-Dual-Certificate-Certifice-in-Office-Administraiton-online-courses-CTOThese training courses are created by industry experts (and endorsed by industry practitioners) to take students on practical learning journeys that teach them how to use software to perform job related tasks.

These courses include video tutorials, training manuals, assessments tests and assignments.

At our course catalogue we combine individual short courses into larger packages and combinations to suit the requirements of businesses and students as needs and requirements change.

See online training course catalogue

Workface Career Academy

the-Workface-Career-Academy-Training-Courses-in-Xero-MYOB-QuickBooks-Bookkeeping-LOGOThe purpose of a Career Academy is to reinforce the connection between education and work, between courses and work related activities. The connection between students and businesses and we call this Industry Connect.

In the small business market, ever changing software and regulations means that business owners and managers need to constantly learn and adapt. Software developers call this CICD – Continuous Improvement and Continuous Delivery and it is a principle we apply to our business every week, both internally and when we engage with our students, clients and partners.

This connection with industry enables us to prepare practical activities and assessments that enable our small business partners to provide meaningful input for students on the career academy journey.

Learn more about the Career Academy

Online Training Course Delivery and Support

CUMULO-LOGO-delivery and support for the Career Academy Xero, MYOB, Microsoft Office and Digital Marketing online training coursesOnline training course resources are implemented in what is known as a Learning Management System (LMS) and supported using state-of-the-art online support software and well trained agents.

Our two main software systems we use to achieve these goals are Moodle and ZenDesk and this has enabled our team to be thorough and prompt.

All information and support is documented with an audit trail of activities performed by students as well as our support team.

Learn more about the Cumulo Training Delivery System

Digital Marketing & Support

virion Digital Online Marketing Academy Training Courses in Facebook, WordPress, Google and Social Media LOGOOur digital marketing and support team are focussed on every aspect of the defining and supporting process for initiatives of 123 Group Pty Ltd and selected clients.

We have operated under the virion brand for over a decade and continue to do so to this day, with a focus on the delivery of our digital marketing training courses.

See the Digital Marketing Academy

Registered Training Organisations

As a technology business we have decided to work with selected Registered Training Organisations for selected training courses and support programs as needed, rather than register and become an RTO ourselves.

This has enabled us to remain focussed on creating, promoting and supporting our own training courses and support systems.

For details about the RTO’s we work with please make contact and let us know which training course package you are interested in.

Our Organisation

123 Group Start or buy an online business training courses and digital marketing career academy support using xero & myob dual certificate123 Group Pty Ltd has been involved in technology and education projects since the mid 2000’s and we continue to evolve our products and services to help clients and students.

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