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You already have a website and/or Facebook page

We use and recommend WordPress for websites and believe that getting traffic to your website and making it attractive to Google for their free organic search results is the most important thing you can do. It’s a solid strategy to ensure that you get ongoing enquiries for your products and services without spending too much money on costly ads.

Know your customers and prospects

If you know and have the contact details of your past clients as well as the contact details of prospects (who are interested in buying your products or using your services) you have a great platform to make announcements, share stories and examples of your work but most importantly bring regular traffic to your business website and increased referrals for new business.

This is usually done using a social media platform (usually Facebook) or via an email database (commonly MailChimp).

Pick a niche product/service

Unlike a retail shop that sells a wide variety of products to ensure that each visitor actually buys something, online marketing is all about being known for a niche product/service. This could be a signature dish for a restaurant or a solution that you provide day in day out that you do well for a good price (like air conditioning quoting and installations).

When you are successful with one niche you can then replicate your strategy to expand the products/services you promote.

Offer and Call-to-action

Special offers, discounts, giveaways, samples and guarantees are all designed to make a person take action and when it comes to digital marketing this is the moment when a visitor at your website (basically a stranger) becomes a real person that you can make contact with. This is a major goal for your business.

With a good call-to-action you will begin building a database or prospects who essentially give you permission to make contact with them to help them solve their problem.

Get discovered

Once you’ve established what you want to focus on it’s about getting discovered and there are several ways to do this.

Promote to your past customers

This step is obviously for existing business who have a database of customers. The work involved in this stage is getting those people (your Audience) into an email marketing system (like Mailchimp) and then creating and sending a Campaign. Then you just need to measure the results.

Get discovered by those people who are looking for you

The most important digital marketing platform for this is Google because it is a search engine which provides people with results based on what they are looking for. You can either create content like blogs or videos which help these people and answer some of their questions or you can pay for Google Ads.

Push and Promote your brand

This method involves Google or Facebook Ads where you define your ideal client (audience) and then write a compelling ad which makes people want to click on it to get to your website. You then need to have a compelling reason for those people to give you their details and tell you they are interested.

Goals, Conversions and Analytics

When you have the digital marketing funnel setup you then just need to refine your goals and your marketing by understanding your analytics and conversion rate.

Most businesses have a couple very simple goals:

  • Get more prospects to interact with
  • Convert more prospects to paying customers
  • Finish the work, get paid and then get referrals

We’ll set this system up for you

When you sign up to any of our digital marketing plans this is what we will do for you. The only difference between the plans is how much you can afford, how much you can do yourself and how much work you want us to do.

Although we perform these tasks on an ongoing basis you are welcome to sign up and work with us for an initial period of 12 weeks. If you are happy with what you learn and what we establish for you then feel free to continue using our services.

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