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Content Writing and Editing

The finishing touches

Everyone thinks they can write. But they can’t. Writing good business copy that converts readers into customers takes years of practise. Like anything, the more you write, the better you write.

However, some people do a fair bit of writing in their businesses, even if they’re not writers, as such. Perhaps you can write proposals, quotes, resumes and any number of things. Even so, it’s worthwhile always having someone proofread your writing as needed. Either way, we have writing and editing professionals who can complete these tasks for you and ensure what you write is aligned with your key vision and strategy. And it’s surprisingly cheap.

How much content do you want?

Content is not only about words and image, landing pages and statistics. Creating content is about demonstrating that your business is alive and dynamic. That you respond to your ever-changing and, hopefully, growing customer base. Generating new content is for new customers, existing customers and, of course, to be found by Google and other search engines. Therefore it’s important to release your content to a schedule and in a controlled and strategic way.

Choose the package for your circumstances

We have created a suite of content marketing packages to cater for all sizes of business. Take a look at them and speak with your consultant about the available options. We can also customise a package for you.

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