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Did you know you can manage most aspects of your business from anywhere. When you use the power of working ‘in the cloud’, you can also build an exceptional team — exceptional because of their skills and dedication — rather than being limited by their proximity to your head office.

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Content is king marketing for tradespeopleContent is king

We know that people who need your products and services will find you via “Content Marketing”. For years we’ve helped our clients stand out from the crowd by populating their websites with relevant, targeted and high quality content, provided on a consistent basis.

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Digital, SEO, Google, Facebook Social media marketing strategy and trainingComing up with a strategy

Working to a digital strategy simply means you’ll harness the power of technology to leverage referrals, keep in contact with customers, provide exceptional ongoing support and get more sales. Because so much of this becomes automated, it frees you up to do the work you do best.

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Five Ways to Select a Trustworthy Real Estate Agent

Is your preferred agent who they say they are? If you’ve been following this blog of late (if you haven’t, then you can subscribe here), then you may recall that in a couple of our recent posts we talked about the different tools that are available online to help...

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How Do RateMyAgent and RealSatisfied Compare to LinkedIn?

The truth about testimonials In nearly every guide to selecting a real estate agent, homeowners are instructed to look at, not just an agent’s sales history, but also how satisfied the buyers and sellers who dealt with that agent in the past were. Most agents will...

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Marshall Rushford Is Not Licensed to Sell Property In…

Is your agent able to sell real estate in your home town? In our last blog post, we talked about how you can find out whether a real estate agent, like Bill Tsounias, who works for McGrath in Sydney, is licensed to sell your property or perform various other functions...

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How Do You Know You Can Trust a Real Estate Agent?

There are online tools to help In a previous blog post, we talked about the new era in real estate that allows homeowners to compare real estate in their local area with just the click of a few buttons, using lead generation and comparison sites. As easy and efficient...

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How Do Real Estate Lead Generators Find an Agent for You?

Is the internet helping to keep real estate agents honest? For homeowners looking for a real estate agent to sell (or rent) their property, it’s traditionally been about visibility. The agent with the most signboards, ads in the local paper, the greatest street...

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Build Your Online Profile Using a Mobile App

You can now create your own beautiful business apps Now that property marketing has mostly moved online to property portals like realestate.com.au and Domain, a real estate agent’s ability to leverage their current listings to get new ones has been significantly...

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Technology Savvy Real Estate Agents Get More Listings

Don't be the loud-talker at the social media dinner table Think about the last time you engaged someone to perform a professional service for you. Perhaps you were looking for a plumber, an accountant or, say, a digital marketing agency. How did you find them? In the...

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How to Build Your Online Real Estate Agent Profile

Be selective when choosing your 'brand building' social media In a recent blog post, I talked about how the erosion of newspaper advertising is also eroding an agent’s ability to leverage current listings to get new ones, due to the way property portals like...

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Real Estate Agent Marketing in the Digital Age

How's an agent to build a brand online these days? Before the rise of online property portals, detractors of newspaper display advertising long echoed the same refrain: It’s expensive! It’s hard to measure! It’s expensive again! But in its heyday, a newspaper’s real...

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Our Pick of the Best Real Estate Agent CRMs

Specialist CRMs exist for real estate agents A real estate agent’s most valuable sales tool is their database, and selecting the right customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage and develop their database is critical. But until recently, when cloud...

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