VoIP Administration Portal

VoIP Platform AdminIf you are the type of person that wants to have more control over your phone system (or at least be able to get your IT Consultant) to help make changes then you’ll love the Admin Portal access.

The most common feature that is configured using the portal is the Follow-Me feature. You can have any or all of your numbers forward to any other number by changing the follow-me settings. Great if you know you’ll be out of the office for a couple days, and you want people to be able to reach you on your mobile.

This portal also gives you access to up to the second data about your VoIP service so you can see if your telesales team are making calls and who they’re calling and how long their on the phone.

You can also use the VoIP Admin Portal to export all your call records, including calls to your marketing numbers, so you can perform some detailed spreadsheet analysis on your outbound as well as inbound caller information.