Call divert is called Call Forward on the Linksys SPA942 ip Phones

Instructions on how to divert or forward incoming calls using your business grade VoIP service using the Linksys (Cisco) SPA942, 962 and 922 IP Phones

If you are a small business you might want to divert your incoming calls to a mobile or home number when you are temporarily away from your office or at the end of each working day. If you search the internet for answers you’ll need to know that the term that they use is Call Forward, and there are several different options available to you, including:

  • Call Forward Busy Number,
  • Call Forward No Answer, and
  • Call Forward No Answer Delay

The instructions on how to use your Linksys (Cisco) SPA942 and SPA962 phones are on page 45-47 in the User Guide for the phones. This user guide also show how to make Call Forward configuration changes using the Web Administration area. Here’s a link to the User Guide at our Support website:

By Steve Slisar

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