Don’t Quote and Lose Thousands, Schedule Ahead

Offering a free measure and quote is a great way to get to know a prospective client and to better understand the project at hand, as we’ve mentioned previously in our post, Why Offer a Free Measure and Quote?

Of course, there’s always the risk that your quote won’t be accepted and that you’ve wasted time that could’ve been spent working and earning money, but what alternative do you have?

Submit quotes promptly

As we’ve mentioned a few times previously in The Risks and Rewards of Quoting, using cloud accounting software like Xero or MYOB or QuickBooks makes it easy for prospects to accept and pay your quotes and invoices, but it’s also easy for you to send them promptly from your phone or tablet while you’re still at their premises. In-fact, if you have a payment gateway like PayPal setup in your accounting software you can even accept payments on the spot too!

Schedule ahead

When you submit quotes promptly and get quick acceptance from clients, you’ll always have a steady stream of work. But it means that you’ll need to communicate your availability to prospects so they understand you won’t be available to commence work immediately.

If you have a big job on or lots of work that will keep you tied up for some time, it’s best to have this conversation when you’re first in touch with them.

Use Google calendar to keep track

Getting a job is one thing, but making sure you follow up is equally important. Lots of tradespeople lose work because they book a job in advance and then forget to check in with the prospect a few days before to confirm. When they arrive to do the work, the client is out or has forgotten and they’ve lost the job or even a day’s work, throwing their schedule out.

Worse still, are the tradies who forget about the job altogether. You can avoid both outcomes by using Google Calendar to schedule your jobs, and to schedule follow-up calls prior to the day you’re supposed to commence work.

You’ll not only keep your schedule on track, and save yourself thousands in lost jobs or days work, but you’ll also develop a good relationship — and reputation — with the client, which will only lead to more work.

Free Quotes for Digital Marketing

A FREE Quote at your website is what they call a Call-To-Action and it is an opportunity for you to put a lead capture form on your website that links to an email marketing system like MailChimp and then use this list to stay front of mind.

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By Steve Slisar

We've used educational marketing to help students learn digital skills and how to use accounting, office administration, digital marketing, customer service and online sales skills. These skills help people find work, run better businesses and do a better job for their customers.