Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Specific is terrific for your website and online marketing

Niche Marketers are Rewarded by Google

Many website owners believe that they can create content and plonk it anywhere on their website and they’ll be inundated with emails and calls. They are missing the fundamental fact that people who are browsing the Internet have potentially 10-30 other websites to visit until they find the one that they like the most.

Here’s a couple examples of the goals I have for some of our websites.

  1. Get website visitors off your home page (otherwise they’ll bounce)
  2. Get people to take a short tour of what you can do for them (using images and maybe audio)
  3. Give people a reason to interact with your website (like a free sample or information report)
  4. Know the website goal and how to measure it (eg. the number of people visiting the website compared to the number of people who actually get to your Contact/subscription/ordering page etc).

Some fantastic news for you is that Google has all the tools to help you attract website visitors, funnel them to goal pages and measure your success (then perform some optimisation). Advertising with Google costs you money, but most of the other tools are completely free (like Google website optimiser and analytics). See some of the website analytics statistics available for website owners.

A great feature of Google Adwords is that you can actually target very specific potential customers to your website, customers who have typed in very specific search words and/or phrases. Better still you only pay for actual clicks to your website and not the people who just see your add (unless you get a display ad but more on that another time)

So remember that when you promote yourself online you are looking for people who want something very specific so you need to find them and then funnel them to your own specific goals for them. You’ll still attract a wide range of other prospects but you can create your content and make it sound very personalised for what they are looking for. Your 123ezy brand manager can help you create a content marketing strategy and Google Adwords and optimise your website for important keywords.

This post first appeared at EzyLearn in 2008