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Is Google Harassing You To Increase Your Advertising Spend?

Is Google Harassing You To Increase Your Advertising Spend?

Google now achieves billions of searches every single day, making it without doubt, the world’s leading search engine.

So, with the search market effectively cornered, and most of the planet seemingly online at any given time, businesses are only too aware that featuring in Google searches can be central to getting their brand in front of their target audience.

The real problem though, is that with high competition, many operators know just how difficult it can be to rank organically (that is for FREE). In many cases they also feel ill-equipped, under-skilled or lacking in know-how to effectively manage online marketing in-house.

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Earleys’ Reveals Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips For Summer

It’s almost summer and most households are planning their festive season activities. There’ll be family catch-ups, BBQ’s, parties and quiet romantic nights and NONE of these work well indoors in summer without good air conditioning!

Earley’s Electrical, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are experts in air conditioning from install to service and repair and Neville has started using educational marketing to help home owners prepare for summer.

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Learn SEO skills and do your own digital marketing

We’ve just beefed up the content and examples in our WordPress Beginners 901 training course to include examples of how you could optimise website pages and blog pages yourself. It’s a job that someone in the office can do or that you can outsource to a part-time employee or contractor – OR someone like us!

Like many tasks in many businesses Search Engine Optimisation is not a complex task, it just involves understanding the language your customers use when trying to search for you and where to optimise your website for those keywords and key phrases.