Using VoIP with a Commander Nitsuko DX phone system

Nitsuko Corporation created telephone systems for over 15 years and in Australia they were rebranded as Telecom Australia (Telstra’s) Commanderâ„¢ N, AN, BN and D systems. Even when they started operating under their own name in Australia they were very popular. Nitsuko was bought by NEC in 2000 and later stopped producing this line of phone system, but because of their huge success in Australia spare parts and second hand phone systems are readily available.

Due to the age of these phones the simplest way to use business grade VoIP services with these phones is to connect a device like the Linksys PAP2 which enables 2 VoIP lines. A new device is available that will enable 4 VoIP outbound line and normal analog incoming lines called the SPA8800, but the price point of this device makes a brand new VoIP Telephone Systems using the SPA9000 a better alternative.

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By Steve Slisar

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