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Website Hosting from the US is Cheaper and Better

If you’d like to set up a website for your business using WordPress or some other content management system (CMS), you’ll need your own domain name and then you’ll need a web hosting company.

You can get a website hosting package with email services bundled together from companies like Net Registry, but if you shop around, you will be able to find a good web host in the U.S. that are usually cheaper and provide better service. Here are the details about the hosting company we prefer and why.

U.S. is a more competitive market

The reason you’ll find better providers in the U.S. is because, compared to Australia, the U.S. is a more competitive market – simple. There are literally hundreds of hosting companies operating out of the U.S., offering well-priced hosting plans, often with 24/7 customer support. That means you can email or chat with them and get an answer immediately!

In Australia, there are fewer hosting companies and they’re often not as competitively priced, when you look at the inclusions and customer support. The Virion website is hosted by a U.S. company, and anytime there’s been an issue, we’ve received a response within 30 minutes, regardless of the time or day of the week.

In the past, Australian companies have usually taken 24 hours to respond, and only on weekdays during business hours. As such, this is greatly impacts the turnaround times to get your website back up and running again.

If you rely on your website — and remember, this often includes your emails too, if you’re using an email address provided by your hosting service — to do business, this could be disastrous.

Get the hosting service that suits your website

Choosing the right host for your website is the most important decision you can make. Depending on what your website will be doing, there may be certain technical requirements — such as SSL certificates, if you’re dealing with sensitive data or customers are buying at your website — so it’s important you don’t just choose the cheapest host you can find. is one of the most robust and reliable hosting companies. They’re also far more competitively priced than most others, and offer better customer support too. website hosting with Rose Hosting costs under $100 each year, with very few problems. But if there ever is one, they’re quick to respond and resolve the problem.

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By Steve Slisar

We've used educational marketing to help students learn digital skills and how to use accounting, office administration, digital marketing, customer service and online sales skills. These skills help people find work, run better businesses and do a better job for their customers.