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How to use Youtube to upload videos for your website

Video marketing is a fantastic tool to demonstrate your knowledge to potential customers and it is well known for it ability to keep visitors at your website for long but some business owners don’t realised just how easy it is to use.

If you have a Google account you have a Youtube account

Like most Google services you can just add Youtube on as another service using your existing login details. If you then install the Youtube app on your phone, sharing any video you create is as easy as clicking the share button and following the steps below in our Video digital marketing training tutorials.

Video Digital Marketing Training Course Tutorial - 1 Open a video from Google Photos app and share it to YouTube App on your smartphone1 Open a video from Google Photos app and share it to YouTube App on your smartphone

Your smartphone is now a powerful digital camera that is with you all the time. You can turn it on in seconds flat and then start taking photographs and videos that are stored on your phone.

When you use a photo gallery app like Google Photos you have other great digital marketing features at your fingertips.

Select the image and click the share icon. Rather than send it to one of your friends, share it with Youtube.

Video Digital Marketing Training Course Tutorial - 2 Title and Description using keywords to help your copywriter2 Title and Description using keywords to help your copywriter

We had a recent issue with a digital marketing agency client who has thousands of images and videos about their business and many of them are fantastic. The problem is that we didn’t know what was in the images or videos.

The next step in uploading videos to YouTube is that the business owner or other staff members can use the title and description text areas to describe exactly what is going on in that video.

Using keywords is easy because you’ll just be describing what is going on – it’s second nature for you. The best part is that your business blog writer (copy writer) will have enough information to write about the video in their blog.

Video Digital Marketing Training Course Tutorial - 4 Uploaded video is now in your Youtube channel library3 Video, Title and keywords are uploaded to Youtube library

Once the video is uploaded it becomes part of your YouTube video library and channels and you can further organise them. A great reason for doing this is that your digital marketing videos can get discovered by anyone watching something related on Youtube.

If anyone subscribes to your YouTube channel they’ll also get notified that you have just uploaded a new videos and that further increases your audience and relevance.

When a video is available on Youtube that video can be embedded into a website or business blog.

5 Youtube visitors can watch it and you can embed it into a blog post

I went into a relaxed cafe at Forrestors Beach in the Central Coast of NSW where I met Cherie. She was using Square (similar to PayPal) through a mobile phone to receive contactless payments from customers credit cards – you know the tap and pay? Anyway, I thought it was unusual to see this technology in use and asked if I could video her using it and she said yes!

Want to see the video of the Square System being used? It’s pretty simple yet does everything you need to do, including receiving back confirmation that the payment has been approved and authorised.

Check it out here, or just watch the embedded video below.

By Steve Slisar

We've used educational marketing to help students learn digital skills and how to use accounting, office administration, digital marketing, customer service and online sales skills. These skills help people find work, run better businesses and do a better job for their customers.