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One CRM is Streaks ahead for real estate agents and HR managers even when it’s free


If you’re a HR Manager in a big company you’d have your own CRM system to keep track of lots of different things but as a small business owner you need something low cost and that fits into what you’re already doing.

I love Google G Suite because it’s in the cloud and it’s quick. Some people don’t like the way it shows email threads but like everything once you get used to it, it’s not a problem to work with. Streak is an extension on Google Chrome that works directly with your Google G Suite email. You can add prospects to your Streak CRM and then add them to a “box” or what I would call a process or project and then change their status as you take them through the sales funnel process.

See who opens your emails

A great feature of Streak is that it shows you who has opened the emails that you’ve sent but the feature I like the most is that you can very quickly broadcast a message to every person in a particular stage of your sales funnel. This saves you integrating with something like MailChimp or other paid email marketing software.

By Steve Slisar

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