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One CRM is Streaks ahead for real estate agents and HR managers even when it’s free

I’ve written about CRM’s for real estate agents in the past because they started popping up several years ago and all of a sudden you just need to inquire about a property for sale and you’d be on the “keep warm” segment of the agents mailing list!

I’ve since found a great CRM that is available on a Freemium model and it is built to work right in your email program!

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Our Pick of the Best Real Estate Agent CRMs

Specialist CRMs exist for real estate agents

A real estate agent’s most valuable sales tool is their database, and selecting the right customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage and develop their database is critical. But until recently, when cloud technology revolutionised the software industry, a lot of agents were reluctant to spend the time and effort on a CRM that didn’t work the way they worked: mostly out of the office, during which time they could be in contact with a hundred or more buyers, and more than a couple potential new vendors.

Writing down names and contact details for buyers and vendors, and then entering them into your CRM later that day (or week), just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. Fortunately, in the last few years, a number of CRMs have been introduced to the market that have been developed specifically for the real estate industry. So here’s our roundup of the best real estate CRMs, regardless of the agent.

Complete turnkey solutions for agents and agencies


Used by some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading real estate franchises, including McGrath, Ray White, LJ Hooker, First National, and so on, LockedOn is a complete turnkey solution to an agent’s entire sales and marketing needs, and includes features like:

  • iPad app
  • one-click portal exporting to Australia’s leading real estate portals
  • transaction management
  • vendor reporting
  • SMS and email marketing
  • sales and marketing presentation templates.

Agentbox is another turnkey solution, used by a number larger independents across Australia, including REIA Chairman, John Cunningham’s agency, Cunninghams Property, and large franchises, like Belle Property. Agentbox also offers website design to ensure seamless integration between website and CRM. Agenbox’s features include:

  • portal exporting
  • mobile apps
  • transaction management
  • prospecting tools
  • property alerts for buyers
  • SMS and email marketing
  • vendor reporting
  • property stocklists
  • brochures and window card design.

Rex is yet another turnkey solution, built for the Australian real estate marketplace, and with features that can be turned on and off as they’re needed. Rex also offers web design services, as their software works best with a Rex website. Rex’s features include:

  • prospecting tools
  • listing management’
  • financial and transaction management
  • contact management
  • sales management
  • email marketing
  • reporting and analytics
  • newsletter design.

Simple, no fuss CRM for agents


Fortuna’s basic CRM starts as a free software download, suitable for both Windows and Mac, which integrates with Dropbox for cloud access to your data when you’re on the go. Once you exceed your 50 record limit, you can then upgrade to a paid version. Fortuna was developed in the US and has been modified for the Australian marketplace, so there are elements of Fortuna that may not suit Australian agents. Fortuna’s features include:

  • contact management
  • email and SMS marketing
  • reporting
  • correspondence logging
  • open home alerts – paid
  • PDF brochure design – paid

CreataCRM is an Australian, cloud-based CRM company that’s free if you choose to host the software yourself (in the cloud), otherwise, for a competitively-priced monthly fee, CreataCRM will host the software for you in the cloud. Although not specifically developed for the real estate industry, CreataCRM is developed for the Australian marketplace. CreateCRM’s features include:

  • email marketing design and automation
  • tablet and mobile view
  • workflow development
  • sales activity and reporting
  • MS Office, MYOB, Xero, Quickbooks integration
  • quote and invoice generation
  • lead tracking
  • project and task management
  • SMS marketing
  • contact management
  • VOIP CloudPBX integration

Virion’s top CRM tip

Ever since CRM systems moved into the cloud, and particularly now that most of them can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet app, the marketplace has been flooded with CRMs specifically targeting the real estate industry. So, while we’ve rounded up some of the best and most-functional CRMs that suit the Australian real estate industry, it’s by no means a complete list. There are plenty more out there.

If you’re searching for a CRM to suit your needs, as an agent or for your whole agency, it’s best to look at the features you value most and find a CRM that integrates with your existing infrastructure (like your website) as well as your existing internal processes and systems, your marketing agency, and so forth. Some agents may not need portal exporting or email marketing and brochure design, because they already use the Campaign Track software, for example, while others will.

We think most agents would agree that, while managing your database is important, it’s of far greater importance to get the listings first, which is something Virion excels at. If you’d like help building your online brand, by establishing yourself an authority in your local area, contact our team today. Alternatively, for the latest news, analysis and insights that’s shaping the real estate industry, continue reading our blog.