Call Queue

What is a Call Queue?

A Call Queue enables customers to hold on a call knowing that agents (your staff) will be able to tend to them when they are finished the call they are currently on. There are a number of scenarios in which a Call Queue can be used and it’s commonly in combination with a Line Hunt or Call Group function and the call is usually answered by a receptionist who puts them through to the correct department or by an Auto Attendant (IVR) that gives the caller options about the departments that they can get through to.

Why have a Call Queue?

A Call Queue enables you to manage your inbound call traffic in times of high call traffic. If you have only rostered 5 people on your support desk and all of a sudden you get 10 simultaneous calls you can either have the unanswered calls go to an answering service, voicemail to email or have them stay on hold as part of a Call Queue. The Call Queue will give the caller hope that they’ll soon get to the front of the line and have their call answered and it will notify your support staff that there are many calls and they need to try to get through their current calls quickly if they can.

A great feature of the Call Queue is the regular announcement of their position in the queue. This gives the caller the indication that it is worth staying on hold because they’ll be served soon. It also gives them the option to end the call if they find that the queue isn’t moving quickly.

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