Email Marketing

Is business quiet right now? Wish you could send a quick message to past clients?

I’ve spoke to all sorts of business lately from tradies, shop keepers and car repairers and what stands out most is how they feel when their business is quiet. What many business owners don’t realise (unless they have a good network of business owning friends) is that if their business is slow there is a good chance that many other businesses are also slow.

It’s times like these that the cheapest way of getting new sales is by sending an email to your past clients and give them a good reason to buy or use your services NOW.

Small businesses can’t afford mass media ads

Gerry Harvey and Clive Palmer can simply spend a bit of money on a special offer that ends soon and spend it on TV, Radio and Newspaper. Their organisations supply products to everyone and they are big enough to warrant the cost but your small business relies on the opinions of your past customers so you need to collect all of their details into a database and setup a system that enables you to send them regular messages.

You’ll find that some of your past customers don’t want to receive your messages (or this type of marketing message from anyone) so you need to make sure that they can “opt out” quickly and easily otherwise you might get a letter from the Federal Government (Department of Communications).

Measuring what works and what doesn’t

Analytics are very important to help you figure out what type of messages your customers WANT to receive and what they are interested in. Even though you might be feeling the pinch financially and need to get in some extra money most of your customers are more interested in their own needs so make sure you think about them when you send the message.

Things like open rate and click rate are very important in determining the types of messages that your customers respond well to.

Send to many but write to just one

You know that your message is going to potentially hundreds or thousands of people but you need to write it as if you are addressing it to a friend. You need to write so that the recipient feels that you are writing to them personally.

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By Steve Slisar

We've used educational marketing to help students learn digital skills and how to use accounting, office administration, digital marketing, customer service and online sales skills. These skills help people find work, run better businesses and do a better job for their customers.