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Telstra Call Forward Immediate, on Busy and No Answer

Telstra Call Forward

Missed Call Follow-MeCall Forward is a functionality that enables you to have incoming calls diverted to alternative numbers on situations where you are away from your phone, are busy on your phone or are not in your office.

This functionality was seen as a break through a decade ago, but with the onset of VoIP and digital telephone systems this type of functionality is now available via most VoIP Admin Portals and you can control more aspects of your VoIP Phone System by logging into a cloud-based administration area.

Porting Away from Telstra

As a low-cost, high feature VoIP Phone Service operator we have many customers who port away from Telstra. By Porting away from Telstra you get to

  1. Keep your phone number (no matter where you move in the world!),
  2. Pay low VoIP rates for the number and calls, PLUS
  3. You can take your number with you wherever you go!

Call diversion is a function that Telstra customers can use to divert calls to their new VoIP Phone System until they are ready to port their number away from Telstra and to virion and we’ve written the basic instructions for how to do it below.

VoIP Phone System for $1 per Month

If you want a VoIP Phone System for your office and be able to take advantage of great advanced call handling features like those listed below, we can help you with a VoIP Phone System for only $1 per month. Here are some of the most desired features:

Voicemail to Email,

Auto Attendant (IVR)

VoIP Service Admin Portal, and more

The virion voip voicemail-to-email service allows you to create your own greeting and receive messages to your own email address, no matter where you are. Telstra normally charge for their voicemail (messagebank) service, but now you can use ours for free (with each VoIP phone number).

Turning Call Forward On and Off

Below is some information we found to help our customers with the codes required to activate and deactivate the Telstra Call Forward services: Remember! Do not use brackets, but do use the asterisk (*) and hash (#) keys.

How to turn Call Forward on

Here are the basics:

The easiest way to turn on Call Forward is to call 1#, then say “Turn on Call Forward” and listen to the instructions. Alternatively, follow the instructions below to turn on each type of Call Forward.

To turn on Call Forward Immediate (all calls):
Press * 2 1 (phone number) #

To turn on Call Forward Busy:
Press * 2 4 (phone number) #

To turn on Call Forward No Answer:
Press * 6 1 (phone number) #
You can also turn on Call Forward No Answer and specify how many seconds before the call is forwarded:
Press * 6 1 (phone number) * (time in seconds) #

Cheap Business Telephone Systems from $1 per month

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How to turn Call Forward off

Here are the basics:

The easiest way to turn off Call Forward is to call 1#, then say “Turn off Call Forward” and listen to the instructions.

Alternatively, follow the instructions below to turn off each type of Call Forward. You can also find out how to turn Call Forward on.

To turn off Call Forward Immediate (all calls):
Press # 21 # on your keypad

To turn off Call Forward Busy:
Press # 24 # on your keypad

To turn off Call Forward No Answer:
Press # 61 # on your keypad

Turn off Call Forward Selected Callers:
Press # 92 # on your keypad

Turn off Call Forward Set the Time:
Press # 16 # on your keypad

Typical small business call flow scenarios

Business Telephone System Call Flow Configurations - smallestWe’ve put together some call flow diagrams to make it easier to choose your ideal business telephone system customisation. Combined with $1 per month for a phone system you’ll have professional features, setup quickly and at a fantastic cheap rate. See the common business telephone system setups..

Cisco, Yealink and Siemens Handsets

Small Business VoIP Telephone System HandsetsFeature-rich and professional these global brands will make your business look and feel professional and they’ll come with the power to manage the calls in your small business.

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Requesting a Quotation is Quick and Easy

Request a quote for cheap business phone systemIf you want to get started with VoIP but not sure how to get started, tell us a little bit about your circumstances and request a quote and we’ll get something back to you quickly. Our quotation includes every aspect of your business telephone system, including call rates and connectivity, CloudPBX and configuration and Business telephone handsets delivered to your premises.