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Assisted Call Transfer with the Virion System

virion seimens voipSo you have been clever to install the Virion VoIP phone system. This blog will now teach you how to carry out an Assisted Call Transfer using the Virion  system using your Siemens Phone.

Hierarchical Structure

The Virion phone system is structured like a hierarchy; you have the main phone at the top, then you have multiple phones from then on, depending on how many phones you have on your particular system.

When someone calls your business, anyone on the Virion System  can answer the incoming call within the hierarchy.


INT which is located on your Siemens phone  in two places:

1. The bottom left of the screen on the phone(press the button underneath), and

2. On the silver square on the left hand side (press the square on the left hand side). Once you have pressed either of the buttons a list of other users will appear on the screen.

Scroll through the list until you find the right one to transfer to, using the silver square pressing the top of the square (up) or bottom of the square (down).

Once you have select the correct phone; press the green phone to call the other phone. Once the Phone call is answered hang up the phone using the red button.


It’s really that simple to assist transfer with your Siemens phone and the Virion Phone system.

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Voice Codecs for VoIP Business Telephone Systems

The Right Voice Codecs Need to be Configured

The upload speed of your broadband Internet connection is critical to ensure good quality VoIP conversations on a VoIP Business grade Telephone System. There are two main voice codecs used for voice conversations using VoIP; G.711 and G.729, with G.711 being the best quality (ideal for businesses with Tier 1 grade internet) but also taking up the most bandwidth requirements.

This diagram from the Cisco website shows the different VoIP codecs with packet information and bandwidth requirements.

voice codecs for voip phone systems

From the Cisco website

How Many Concurrent Call Conversations?

If you do a speed test of your Broadband Internet service you’ll see your upload speed and by using the table above you’ll be able to roughly gauge how many concurrent conversations you can have using a VoIP telephone system and your current Internet service.

When companies grow they’ll often have two broadband Internet services, once for data and one for voice and this ensures that the voice quality remains consistent regardless if your staff are transferring a lot of data or watching cat videos on Youtube!

Another very important aspect of your Internet services is to have it optimised so that voice traffic is given priority over data traffic. They call this Quality of Service or QoS.

VoIP Business Telephone System Handsets

Small Business VoIP Telephone System HandsetsVoIP handsets enable your small business to take advantage of the functionality and flexibility of a hosted CloudPBX. These handsets can be located in remote offices like staff or contractors homes or even interstate or international offices.

Learn more about Business Telephone System Handsets

Business Telephone System Call Flow Scenarios

Business Telephone System Call Flow Configurations - smallestDo you want to see how most people handle the calls with their business telephone system? These call flow scenarios enable you to quickly choose from the most common choices and can help you get a good solution quickly.

Business Telephone System Scenarios

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