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Siemens Gigaset C470IP – Registering a Handset

C470IP VoIP Phone System
C470IP VoIP Phone System

C470IP is a very simple IP PBX with basic VoIP functionality however it can connect up to 5 additional handsets. Multiple handsets can be registered to be used with a single VoIP phone number (endpoint) or multiple endpoints.

Configuring a C470IP System

Most IP PBX’s can be configured by entering the IP address of the device. An IP Address looks something like and it’s just a location for a device that is located on your local network.

To get the IP address of your Siemens C470IP system, press the blue “Paging Button” that normally gets each of the handsets ringing. You’ll see the IP Address displayed on the handset.

Type that address into your browser and the normal password is 0000. You can then log in to the admin area, setup phone numbers, handsets and manage how calls are handled – things like which phone number rings on which handset.

Handset registration process

When you get another handset to use with your system you can register it using the following procedure:

Turn on additional handset

On the phone menu, Navigate to Settings > Handset > Register H/Set

Enter your system PIN, (default is “0000”)

Press and hold INTERCOM button on base station until handset is registered (it will show an icon like the phone is ringing).


Great for Virtual Assistants

You can then go into your IP PBX admin and rename the handset to something that makes more sense to you. For example if you operate a home based business as a virtual assistant you can have one line for home and a couple others for your own business and any business you’re answering calls for.

We’ve had quite a bit of interest from virtual assistants who are using these phone systems because they are cheap and enable them to take advantage of cheap voip rates and have some great features like group pickup, assisted call transfer and can be combined with the VoIP service features like voicemail-to-email.

News VoIP Call Rates

Mobile calls for free?

smartphone mobile with bluetooth for capped plansSomeone asked us the other day if they can use VIRION VOIP to make calls to mobiles for free. Does any one else have the same question? We’ve found the next best thing! Connect your mobile phone to your phone system.

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch and the same applies to phone call costs…phone calls cost money. Whether you are a wholesaler, aggregator, retailer or customer, there is a cost per call. Why? Because the mobile carriers paid billions in licence fees to operate a mobile network in Australia. The only variable is “how do you charge”.

If you are looking for mobile call cost savings there is some good news.

Do you own a mobile phone? Does it have BlueTooth connectivity? Are you on a great business plan or a CAPPED plan?

If your answer is yes, then the new DX800 Gigaset small business telephone system from Siemens enables any handset on your phone system to call out using your mobile. In other words you can still use your phone system handsets but be speaking on the office mobile phone.

This also means that calls coming into that mobile phone can now be answered by anyone in the office too. Now that is a handy way to save money isn’t it?

Take a look at the other great reasons to get a Siemens DX800 small business phone system through VIRION’s partner network.

virion business voip phone systems VoIP Call Rates

Low VoIP calling rates

virion uses the highest business grade vodecs and whitelist international carriers to ensure that along with cheap call rates, your business has the highest voice quality. These rates are approximately half of Telstra’s normal retail call rates which represent a huge saving. Prices do not include GST and are available on the Stratus Call Plan with Direct Debit authority.
Calls to local numbers 10c untimed
Calls to national landlines 10c untimed
Calls from extension to extension FREE
Calls to Australian mobile numbers 18c per minute billed by the second and no flag-fall
Popular International Destinations
Charged by the minute
China 3.9c
Singapore 2.9c
UK 2.9c
USA 2.9c
New Zealand 2.9c
Hong Kong 2.9c
Taiwan 2.9c
Canada 2.1c

virion International_calling_rates full list

Your Internet connection, network configuration and equipment influences call quality.