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It’s Clear You Want to Port Away

Phone Numbers are no longer attached to your local Telstra exchange

port your landline number away from Telstra for VoIP business telephone systems

Many companies are moving to VoIP and enjoying the benefits of a digital telephone service and the most obvious benefit is to be able to take your phone number anywhere you want. In the olden days your telephone number was linked to the copper wire that comes into your home or office, but these days a phone number is virtual – it doesn’t matter where you are. Many larger companies have a different phone number for each state that are all answered in a central location. These days phone numbers are completely separate to the cabling that carries the voice signal.

Mobile and Landline Phone Numbers

There was a time in the early days of mobile phones where mobile phone carriers could keep a customer for many years because we didn’t want to change our phone numbers – changing carriers meant you had to change your mobile phone number! Many small business owners still believe that they need to change their landline phone number if they move their office location but that is not the case with VoIP – you can take your number with you now.

Port Away

When you move your phone number from one carrier to your new carrier it’s called Porting Away and it happens quite often. In our experience most request to port away involve those customer who want to move away from Telstra (mainly because they are a huge supplier and have most of the landline customers) and those carriers who tied customers into long-term and expensive plans (we won’t name names).

If you are interested in porting away from your existing phone number carrier just use the PAF (Porting Application Form) from our VoIP Support site.

Wholesale Account Number

When you Port Away the application form asks for the account number for the phone number you want to port away and many customers believe this number appears on the monthly phone bill, but it doesn’t. Often you’ll need to call the leaving carrier, let them know that you are porting away from them and need to get the wholesale account number for the phone number you want to port away. Once we have this information the whole process now takes half the time it use to.

Special Offer for Small Businesses

If you are ready to move your telephone system to VoIP and start saving money but also getting all the features of a digital phone system, visit our VoIP Partner website and learn how you can get a VoIP Phone System for $1 per month.


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CLI or Calling Line Identifiers

CLI - Calling Line IdentificationOn our new Cumulus VoIP Call Plan we provide CLI overstamping at no additional cost so everyone who calls you back calls your main switch number – it’s a great way to manage a callers experience.

With CLI we are able to “overstamp” each of your Direct Indial Numbers with your main telephone number so that call recipients see your main phone number and return the call using that, rather than the direct indial number. You also have the ability to hide your number. This service is available on some plans, please check our VoIP Plans for more details.

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45% reduction in calls to mobile numbers

Huge discount in business grade VoIP phone system calls to mobilesSometimes we make announcements at the virion business grade VoIP blog to inform our customers and prospective customers about new services or price reductions.

Today we reduced the price of calls from our VoIP service to Australian mobile numbers. The rate has been reduced to 18c per minute and customers should be aware that this rate is available with no other minimum commitments, including:

  • There is no flag fall on each call
  • Calls are only charged by the second, so if you only speak for 10 seconds, you only pay for 10 seconds
  • You get this rate without having to go on a “bundled” service

For the best price for a completely new Siemens VoIP telephone system, with full onsite support, remote setup support and fantastic call rates, visit our website.

This price reduction applies to all customers on the VoiceCloud Platform.

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Request a Quote for VoIP phone system

Telephone systems in general are technical products to understand so rather than scratch your head and look at all the available IP telephony equipment and what they can do, tell us a little about your business and your requirements (this will take you less than 15 minutes) and one of our consultants will contact YOU to recommend a solution for your business.

You can then study the VoIP telephone system equipment recommended and understand more about how the phone system will be installed, the costs and the extra new features of VoIP.

Request a Quote now.

virion business voip phone systems

Believe in the future

Every part of our world evolves because we want to be better. The Internet and new VoIP technology gives your business access to new features and flexibility like voicemail to email, the ability to take your phone number with you (anywhere), the ability to direct calls where they need to go and so much more. The list of features grows every year and we want to give you access to these fantastic features when they become available, but if you just want to take advantage of discounted VoIP call costs we are happy to provide.

virion business voip phone systems VoIP Call Rates

Low VoIP calling rates

virion uses the highest business grade vodecs and whitelist international carriers to ensure that along with cheap call rates, your business has the highest voice quality. These rates are approximately half of Telstra’s normal retail call rates which represent a huge saving. Prices do not include GST and are available on the Stratus Call Plan with Direct Debit authority.
Calls to local numbers 10c untimed
Calls to national landlines 10c untimed
Calls from extension to extension FREE
Calls to Australian mobile numbers 18c per minute billed by the second and no flag-fall
Popular International Destinations
Charged by the minute
China 3.9c
Singapore 2.9c
UK 2.9c
USA 2.9c
New Zealand 2.9c
Hong Kong 2.9c
Taiwan 2.9c
Canada 2.1c

virion International_calling_rates full list

Your Internet connection, network configuration and equipment influences call quality.

virion business voip phone systems

telephone PBX setup

There are some fundamental questions that need to be answered whenever a new Business Telephone System PBX is setup. This includes information like which phone rings first when a caller dials your main number and whether you’d like one main voicemail message for all extensions or different messages for different extensions.
Other things to consider are:
  • If the reception phone doesn’t answer the call in time, where should it be routed to.
  • Would you like more than one phone to ring when the main line is called.
  • Which DID (phone number) would you like to allocate to each person.
  • Would you like to have abbreviated dialling so it’s easy to transfer calls from extension to extension.

You CloudPBX is configured and then your VoIP handsets are configured to work with the business grade VoIP service.

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virion business voip phone systems

Your broadband Internet connection

No PSTN Copper Lines, Just 1 Great Broadband Connection

The quality of your broadband Internet access is critical if you wish to use it for your business phone calls and take advantage of cheap VoIP calling rates and other call handling features.

Some important things to consider:

  • Download and upload speeds (when you make calls, it is important that you have a good upload speed because that effects the quality of the voice data you send out).
  • Quality of your modem (should have the ability to optimise for Voice data… called QoS – Quality of Service). This means that if there is a lot of voice and data traffic on your network, the voice traffic will be given priority.
  • Use a Business grade plan because it is expected that you need the service up and running (with no downtime) most of the time. If this is critical see if your ISP has an SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Ensure that your Business grade Broadband has been prioritised for Voice traffic rather than data traffic.

If you have more than 6 extensions we recommend a dedicated VoIP ADSL service for your voice traffic. Our service is $89/m inc GST.

Get the power of a sophisticated and features rich business telephone PBX system without the capital cost with CloudPBX.

VoIP Business Telephone System Handsets

Small Business VoIP Telephone System HandsetsVoIP handsets enable your small business to take advantage of the functionality and flexibility of a hosted CloudPBX. These handsets can be located in remote offices like staff or contractors homes or even interstate or international offices.

Learn more about Business Telephone System Handsets

Business Telephone System Call Flow Scenarios

Business Telephone System Call Flow Configurations - smallestDo you want to see how most people handle the calls with their business telephone system? These call flow scenarios enable you to quickly choose from the most common choices and can help you get a good solution quickly.

Business Telephone System Scenarios

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virion business voip phone systems

Hosted PBX

virion Hosted PBX is a total business phone service. It uses VOIP technology (your phone service is delivered over the internet). We maintain the equipment. We host the software. We make the upgrades.

You just use your phones like you normally would. To your customers, it’s business as usual. Whether they’re talking to your main office, leaving a voice mail, being transferred across the country, or speaking to someone working from home, it all happens seamlessly.

Whether you have one office, or ten.